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The Watcher

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Interprete : DR DRE

Langue : Anglais
Année : 2001

Texte :

[Dr. Dre]Things just ain't the
same for gangstersTimes is changin, young niggaz is
aginBecomin O.G.'s in the game and changinto
make way for these new names and faces butthe strangest
things can happen from rappinwhen, niggaz get wrapped up
in image and actinNiggaz get capped up and wrapped in
plasticand zipped up in bags when it happens, that's
itI've seen em come, I've watched em goWatched em rise, witnessed it and watched them blowWatched em all blossom and watched em growWatched the
lawsuits when they lost the doughBest friends and money?
I lost them bothWent and visisted niggaz in the
hospitaland saw the same shit all across the globeI
just sit back and watch the show (the watcher)Chorus: Dr. DreCause everywhere that I goain't the same as befo' (the watcher)People I
used to knowjust don't know me no mo' (the
watcher)But everywhere that I goI got people I know
(the watcher)who got people they knowSo I suggest
you lay low (the watcher)[Dr. Dre]I moved out
of the hood for good - you blame me?Niggaz aim angry at
niggaz they can't beBut niggaz can't hit niggaz
they can't seeI'm out of sight, now I'm out
of they dang reachHow would you feel if niggaz wanted you
killed?You'd probably move to a new house on a new
hilland choose a new spot if niggaz wanted you shotI
ain't a thug - how much Tupac in you you got?I
ain't no bitch neither - it's either my lifeor
yo' life and I ain't leavin - I like breathinCause nigga we can go round for roundClip for clip, shit
fo'pound for poundNigga if you really wanna take it
there we canJust remember that you fuckin with a family
manI got a lot more to lose than you, remember thatwhen you wanna come and fill these shoes (the watcher)Chorus{*GUN SHOT*}[Dr. Dre]Things just ain't the same for gangstasCops is
anxious to put niggaz in handcuffsThey wanna hang us, see
us dead or enslave usKeep us trapped in the same place we
raised inThen they wonder why we act so outrageousRun around stressed out and pull out gaugesCause
everytime you let the animal out cagesIt's dangerous,
to people who look like strangersBut now we got a new era
of gangstersHustlers and youngsters livin amongst usLookin at us, now callin us bustazCan't help but
reminisce back when it was usNigga we started this gangsta
shit!And this the motherfuckin thanks I get?It's funny how time flyI'm just havin fun,
just watchin it fly by (the watcher)Chorus(the watcher - 4X)

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