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Interprete : EAMON

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

wake up and im feelin right
hop out of bed and i grab a bite
rake up a fatty and roll it tight
thinking what im gonna do tonight
new that she was feelin me
and i was feeling her like ecstasy
next thing you know she was next to me
by the mornin time shes sexin me

[Refrain] :
finally i can say
everything today has gone my way
no problems, no hassels
ive been smokin
finally i can say
everything today has gone my way
no problems, no hassels
ive been fuckin

check the mail box and i got my check
sit back, relax as i sip my
think about all the shit i can get
so i spend and spend
till i think im set
hit the club
and im feelin nice
let me get the bottles in the ice
when i come through
you know Stanton's tight
everyone i brought
gets laid tonight


and so the day has come
just as quick the day goes by
i still know i gotta try
leave the bullshit far behind
and even if that feelins lots
ill make sure that it was found
on my ground
ill be crown
aint goin down no!


everytime you see me ill be smilen
wilen with my boys on staton island
phillies and lots of chicks
we havin fun tonight
everytime you see me ill be smilen
willen with my boys on Stanton island
phillies and lots of licks
we fucked up feelin right

[Refrain] x2

smokin, drinkin, livin, laughin, fuckin, buggin,
lovin, singin, spendin, chillin,

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