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Somethin' Strange

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Interprete : EAMON

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

ohhh yeahhh
ahhh yeahhh

[Refrain] :
I'm seeing sumthin I ain't seen before yeahhhhahhh
(sumthin sumthin strange sumthin strange) yeahh (yeahh) Yeah
could it be your actin like a whore yeahhh
(sumthin sumthin strange sumthin strange) YEAH

When I meet you everything seemed right,
but the truth is you fucked on the first night,
it sank in slow, now I know your a hoe
yo I shoulda listend when my friends told me so
I thought this would last,
but I realise that your just a peice of ass,
I know your game, chicks are all the same,
your lookin kinda funny and your actin kinda strange


I caught you in the club last week
you looked like a freak in the VIP
sittin on laps, and suckin on necks
actin like a slut cuz you tripin on X
I Fliped, I was gonna hurt her
then my boy said CHILL over murder
I was feelin nice till my boy told me
he just saw da bitch bounce wit Milk Dee

[Milk Dee]
who me? MC am I
E I didn't know thats your hoe dats why
I, took her to the bathroom,
I had her face in da bowl wit a tight grip hold
loseing control when I hit it
I didn't have a clue, if i knew she was u I wouldnt of did it
thats my word
true clue, so fuck whatcha heard
it aint no beaf when it comes to a bird

[Refrain] x2

Yeah x3

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