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Sweet Home Alabama

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Interprete : EMINEM

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap

Texte :

Well Jimmy moved in with his mother
Cos he ain't go no place to go
And now I'm right back in the gutter
With a garbage bag that's full of clothes

Cause you live at home in a trailer
What the hell you gonna do (yee-hah!)
Cuz I live at home in a trailer
Mom I'm coming home to you

Well my name is Jimmy
He's name's Greg Beaule
Me an' him an' you, - we went to the same school
This ain't cool... I'm in a rage
He's tapping my mom and we're almost the same age
On the microphone I drop bombs
Look at this car... 'Thanks a lot, Mom!'
"Here and happy birthday Rabbit! Here's a brand new car, you can have it. A 1928 Delta..."
This shit won't even get me to the shelter
And I can't even stay in a motel
Cuz I'm back on the 8-mile road now

Cos I live at home in a trailer
Mom I'm coming home to you

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