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Interprete : FLIPBOY

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Hip hop
Auteur : FlipBoy
Année : 2008

Texte :

[ Intro ]

You know Julie, no matter how many times you tell me that you love me,
I never get sick of it, now it's my turn to show you how much I love you.

[ Verse 1 ]

Before, I thought true love could never exist,
I never even felt the feeling of a tender kiss,
All my boys had they girls and I was left alone,
With a soul doubt of never having a girl of my own,
Then when you came along, the light suddenly changes,
Everday my heart went through a million phases,
You're the saviour of my life from lonely nights,
Where you hold me tight, our fire ignites,
When I look into your eyes, I don't just see myself,
I see the reflexion of love that you never felt,
You're the girl of my dreams, you're simply amazing,
I want you to be my lady, the mother of my babies,
'Cause deep down in my heart, I know you're the one,
But for now we still young, so let's have some fun,
I'm so damn lonely when I'm not with you
There's just a few things that I wanna do...

[ Hook ]
I just wanna hug you, just wanna kiss you,
just wanna touch you, just wanna hold you,
just wanna need you, just wanna have you,
I just simply wanna love you.

[ Chorus x2 ]
My heart speaks out for a girl like you,
My heart speaks out because I love you,
My heart speaks out for what you do to me,
My heart speaks out for a girl named Julie.

[ Verse 2 ]

I love how you're not afraid to show your emotions,
And for you, I'll give you all my devotion,
If you're ever gonna cry, I'll be your shoulder,
If anyone hurts you, I'll be your soldier,
When you cry, I'll wipe the tears from your eyes,
Put my hands on your cheeks and say: ''It's alright.''
'Cause you know I'll always be there for you,
Though life is hard, I'll help you get through,
When I make love to you, it's filled with passion,
My love for you is ever lastin',
Even though we fight, there's ups & downs,
I'll always turn your frown upside down,
I'll never push you away to get rid of you,
I want you forever, I'll never get sick of you,
I'm so damn lonely when I'm not with you
There's just a few things that I wanna do...

[ Hook ]

[ Chorus x2 ]

When I think of us, this is love we have for each other is unbeleivable,
You know I make you happy, I'd do anything for you,
I just want to see that joy and smile on your face everyday,
I'll never hurt you Julie, I'll always be there for you,
I'll always take care of you, I'll always love you.

[ Chorus x4 ]

Poster par : Mikey

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