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Interprete : GINUWINE , SOLé

Langue : Anglais
Année : 2003

Texte :

I like it I love it
I want it all the time
I crave it I needs it
It's always on my mind
I like it I love it
I want it all the time
I crave it I needs it
It's always on my mind

I gotta show the other freaky side of me
Girl I wanna give U every inch U need
Jump up in my truck and let me take U there
Let U ride all the thru the night
I'm a sexaholic and I'm cool with U
So let me eat that kitty till I'm thru with it
Wanna see U shake it cause U lovin it
The pleasures all mine

I want it all the time
It's always on my mind It's just a part of me
Sex and love
I love it anywhere
The bed the floor a chair It's just a part of me
Sex and love


I want her to beg while I'm hittin it
Wanna see U bend while I'm diggin it
Not just in and out I'm a circle man
Everything I wanna feel
Hittin every wall is the master plan
Gotta let U know the type of man I am
Gotta put it down gotta rep the kid
I know how women talk yeah

(chorus x2)

I want to feel U close to me
And never will I want to let U go
The feeling of love is something that I need
And this is something that U gotta know

U see U already know the kind of girl I ma
Need a mean long stroke and a video cam
Cherry bra high heels I ain't price my man
Making love by the tub playing one of your jams
Then in front of the mirrors watch me work the pole
Then I work U on the chair till I reach my goal
When I bring it to the floor let U take control
See me bend while U dig see this thing is gold
My weakness pretty niggas with big sticks
That do tongue tricks
Star rating out porno flicks
Turn U on like a light switch
Hard as a brick
Cause U lovin how I'm movin and it's extra thick
I'll have U anywhere bed floor or chair
And U can spank me hard and pull my hair
U see it's all 4 U I ain't the type to share
So you got dick 4 days and I got ass to spare


I like it
I love it
It's always on my mind
I like I love it
I'ts always on my mind

Poster par : blackaliciousgirl

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