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Interprete : GREASE

Langue : Anglais

Texte :

Stranded at the drive-in
Branded a fool
What will they say Monday at school?

Sandy can't you see I'm in misery
We made a start now were apart
There's nothing left for me
Love has flown all alone
I sit and wonder why-y-y-y
Oh why, you left me oh Sandy

Oh Sandy baby someday when high-y-i school is done
Somehow, someway the two of us will be one
Heaven forever and ever we will be-e-e-e-e
Please say you'll stay oh Sandy

Sandy my darling you hurt me real bad
You know it's true but baby you gotta believe me
When I say I'm hopeless without you
Love has flown all alone
I sit and wonder why-y-y-y
Oh why, you left me oh Sandy

Sandy, Sandy, why-y-y-y
Oh Sandy

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Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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