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Off Da Endz

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Interprete : JAMELIA

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

[Refrain] :
This guy is off da endz
Baby boy even made me forget my friends
When Mr. Off Da Endz puts his lips on me
My lady-like tendencies were history
I'm telling you this guy is Off Da Endz
His touch made me regain my confidence
I really don't care what rules I bend 'cos
Mr. Man is off da endz

Unfor-gettable eyes
Chocolate skin
Most beautiful lips
I'm wanting him
Cutest smile
Perfect teeth
Husky voice
So sweet
Warmest touch
Smell so nice
Hair real neat
Always dressed right
My heart rates up
Blood pressure's high
Can hardly breathe 'cos this guy :


Considerate, generous
Affectionate, ooh yeah
Makes me laugh
Touch my soul
Feeling him
Beyond control
He's so polite and sexy
So damn sexy
My heart rates up
Blood pressure's high
Can hardly breathe 'cos this guy

[Asher D] :
Dis girl is off da heez
Forget all ya friends 'cos I got what you need
I take ya to ya crib, do what I wanna do
Money wanna make, who ya wanna holler to ?
Dis girl is off da hook she cooks
Brainiac like she wrote da book da hooks
Dis guy is Off Da Endz
But when I say dat I don't mean in pens
I mean, iced out, So Solid velour
Trips to da states when we go on tour
Spend money cos my dough's mixed draw
When I say that I don't mean Senor
We raw, we draw, when I'm alone miss
Need you more, Lex Coupe wid da foot to da floor
Was off da endz but I'm not no more


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