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Just A Little While

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Interprete : JANET JACKSON

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Pop Rock
Année : 2004

Texte :

Just A Little While
(1st Verse)
Baby I like it when it
Feels this good
You always seem 2 make me smile
Can't nobody do what u do
When you love me just a little while
I know you got somewhere 2 go
And I got somewhere 2 be right now
I'll make 'em wait all day long
If you wanna get a little wild
(Pre Chorus)
I don't wanna be a distraction
So maybe I'll just lay around
Play by myself while
Touching on my favorite fruit
Can't stop thinking bout
The things we do
N how it feels making
Love 2 you
I'm ready 2 get it baby
If you got it to dish out
Just love me 4 a little while
I wanna make it like a dream
4 u
Turn every fantasy N 2 the truth
U know I'll take it anywhere that u
Wanna go right now
2 love u for a little while
(2nd Verse)
I, I like sleeping N your clothes
2 smell u makes it all come down
When I think about me & you
Sometimes I get a little loud
Baby I know we did it all night long
I didn't want 2 burn you out
Cuz you know how much I like 2 do it
N the morning its another round
(Pre Chorus Repeat)
My Passion flows like a river
That has no end
I wanna know everything
You'll let me do 2 u
Tell me what you like baby
You wanna play with my strawberry
Sometimes when I think about me and you
I can get real loud
Just love me
Just love me for a little while
I'll take it anywhere with you
Just love me for a little while

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