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Interprete : JAY-Z , R. KELLY

Langue : Anglais
Année : 0000

Texte :

Chillin in my 4 point 6 at the light
'bout to v.i.p for the night
shorty in a drop top v made a right
pulled up to her bumper baby beeped twice
jumped out tha whip like I was the police
didnt have a gun but my wrist said freeze
got friday on a dvd shes a baller and im a ballah


to all my hot gilrs livin, fiesta
to all my hot boyz livin, fiesta
to all my shi-town niggaz fiesta
and all my up town niggaz fiesta
to all my playas and my hustlas fiesta
and if u sittin on them things fiesta
to all my honeys in the club fiesta
and if you rollin with a thug fiesta

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