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Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

Like an angel of the sky, you came
Clearing up all the clouds, the sadness and the rain
So pure and healing was the love you bring
I knew inside it felt so right

[Répétition] :
For me I've struggled all my life
To find that thing that makes it right
With you it seems I may have found
Some other kind of love

[Refrain] :
I will love you all my life
Always be by your side
And I will give you all I have
'Cause you gave me peace and joy again
Again, (again)

I was scared to let go and trust your love
After what I've been through I have had enough
Whisperin' through your eyes, you never said a word
But something said you're insane



A friend is what you'll always have in me
I'm so grateful for the man you turned out to be
And it doesn't matter who you happen to meet
You'll forever be a sacred part of me


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