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It's Not That Serious

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Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

[Refrain] :
It's not that serious
I never put that much thought into us
It wasn't that I loved you
I was curious
Who did you think that you were involved with
Now baby you should know that it ain't that serious

How could you tell me that you love me
When I know you were just trying to play me
But you're the fool
'Cause I know how to switch the game up on you
And in the end I know who will lose
I played this game before
And I can't play no more
What do you take me for
It's not what you thought
So don't play games with me
'Cause I play to teach
And if you want to cheat
It won't be on me

[Refrain] x2

It should concern you that I'm always one step ahead of you
So that should let you know that what you do
I have done before, it's nothing new
So run those games on someone who can't be fooled
I can almost see lies coming through your teeth
In every word you speak you make it clear to me
That you're playing wrong and your game ain't strong
I've been in this too long, so just be moving on

[Refrain] x2

Don't play games with my heart
I will let you go before you start


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Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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