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Down 4 You

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Interprete : JHENé , LIL'FIZZ

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB
Année : 2003

Texte :

I'll be down 4 you baby
I'm a ride for you baby
Iwiil be the one you need
I'll do anything you want me to

Rap :
Sexy abs,with your hips to match
Apple bottom jeans wit your lil gucci backpack
Don't stand there, admire my mac tac
Gift of gab, Inever lacked that
I see your skin bump up
And the hairs on your arms jump up
I get the same feeling girl when i'm by your side
And when we kiss girl our souls collide
I can provide whatever you need
Just holla girl

Verse 1:
Know how you got me on the line
But i can't stop thinking all the time
Boy where you be
Wanna be around you constantly
Give me that
No can't stand to go feelin'
Before I'm even out the door baby
I wanna keep you there with me

I'm that chick
What - no doubt
I'm that chick
Up or down
Don't even gotta say a thing
Cause I'll be down

Hook :
I'll be down for you baby
I'm ride for you baby
I will be the one you need
Give you anything you want
I'll be down for you baby
I'm a ride for you baby
I will be the one you need
I'll do anything you want me to

Verse 2
Oow what you bet
I'll never let
Nobody else ever think they could come between
What we got between you and me
Cause babay boo you got it like that
And if feels good now to be with you


Lil Fizz Rap:
Iain't tryin to get your drawers
I'm a gentleman, I open doors
I'm ready and willin' to give you more
Than the the dude you was with before
It's automatic girl, you're the only one Iadore
Long walks on the beach by the shore
You was all teeth when I came home freom tour
I came off the plane with a teddy bear for you
With a card attached telling
you care for you
I'll be there for you
Girl you've proven yourself
I see your heart is with Fizz not the cause of my wealth
And you conduct yourself so smooth and classy
You respect Omarion,J Bogg and Raz B
They allcosigned you and gave you thumbs up
That's all I needed
And this verse is summed up
And I'm ready to take you there
I gotta whole lotta love to share
I know yoy're down for me

I will give you anything
Anyting you want
Anything you want

Hook Out

Lil Kady : I love you lil'Fizz and jhené
I love you J Boog, Raz B and Omarion
Don't touch B2K (rire)
I love Los Angeles

Poster par : lil kady2618

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