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Interprete : JUSTIN BIEBER

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Pop Rock

Texte :

Her love her love is bigger
Her love her love is bigger

Gotta believe in me believe it like a fairytale
Tooth under my pillowcase before I won't I won't
Have I ever let you down like a see saw it's down
You know why

Cause we ain't in the playground no more games

Were big enough
To stand in the picture
Were big enough
To stand next to love

I was a player when I was little
But know I'm bigger but now I'm bigger
Heartbreaker when I was little but know I'm bigger
And all the haters I swear they look so small from up here
Cause were bigger
A lot bigger
I'm bigger your bigger

Remember when my heart was young
It was still bigger than me
Is that the reason why you stayed
Or else would you of got rid of me

Nowwww the bulliesm in the school yard
Can't take a hug and our kisses from us
But they pushover no more games cos were


Ohhhhh I remember that like yesterday
We were little then
My baby... oooooh
You oooohhohhh

Since then all I can remember
Is the love falling dowm


Ehhhhh come on

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