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Gone (feat Consequence & Cam'Ron)

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Interprete : KANYE WEST

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap

Texte :

Verse 1 – Kanye:
You sweater and I aint talking bout coogi
You a big l and I aint talking bout Cool J
See me at the airport at least 20 Louie’s
Treat me like the prince and this my sweet brother numsay
Groupies say I’m too choosy
Take em to the show and talk all through the movie
Said she want diamonds so I took her to ruby Tuesdays
If we up in Friday’s I still have it my way

Yall don’t want no problems with me
What you rappers could get is a job you see
Maybe you can be my intern and intern
I show you how to cook up summer
In the winter
Aaron love the raw dog when will he learn
Caught something on the Usher tour he had to let it burn
Plus he already got 3 children
Arguing over baby sitters like bitch it’s your turn
Damn ye it be stupid to dis you
Even your supafucial raps its supper official
Rock pastel with Gucci on
With TV’s in the ride throw a movie on
Said he couldn’t rap now he at the top where he belong
Cause he dookied on any song that they threw me on


We strive at home
I ride on chrome
Listen homeboy move on
That’s your best bet

Verse 2 – Cam’ron:
Knock knock who’s there? Killa Cam...Killa who?
Killa Cam hustler grinder gorilla troop
My chinchilla blue
You ever dealt with a dealer well heres the deal ma we goin to the dealer woop
No concealing no ceiling I don’t need a roof
Act up…get out I don’t need you poof poof
Be gone damn tough luck dag
Niggas still doin puff puff pass
Pull the truck up fast and I tell em
Back in a touched up Jag
Yall niggas won’t get a Cam cerebllum
An old man just gon tell em
Then I see how you gonna react when I’m (gone)
My last girl want me back but I’m (gone)
Fine stay you got the grind hey
Came back read what the sign say
Yes I know you wanna see my demise
Church boy actin like a thief in disguise
Ain’t even my size see the greed in my eyes
Ask Happy I hustle brought weed to the Chi
And they ain’t even a lie please believe me
Gave Weezie a piece of the pie
You can ask George and Regina
The whole west side I explore with the bimma

Verse 3 – Consequence:
I been pouring out some liquor for the fact that my pal’s gone
And tryin to help his mama with the fact this her child’s gone
And since we used to bubble
Guess its only right that I should help her from now on
His sister got her foul on what coulda gone wrong
Now they asking Cons how long has this gone on
And maybe all this money mighta gone to my head
Cause it got me thinming money coulda gone to the feds
So I had gone to the dread but he had gone off to bed
And when I came the next morning he was gone with my bread
And with that being said I had gone with my instincts
And gone to the spot where they go and get mixed drinks
But lookin back now I shoulda gone to the crib
And rented Gone With The Wind cause I woulda gone in by 10
But I had gone with my friend and we had gone to the bar
And heard a nigga talking shit so I had gone to the car
And not the judge is telling me that I had gone to far
And I’ll be gone for 20 years doing time behind by bars
And since I gone to a cell for some petty crime
I guess I gone to the well one too many times cause I’m gone

Verse 4 – Kanye:
I’m ahead of my time sometimes years out
So the powers that be won’t let me let my ideas out
So that make me wanna get my advance out
And move to Oklahoma and just live in my aunt’s house
I romanced the thought of leavin it all behind
Kanye step away from the lime
Light like when I was in my prime
In the 1-9-9-9
Before model chics was bending over
Or dealerships ask me Benz or Rover
Man if I could just get one beat on hova
We can get up off this cheap ass sofa
What the summer of the Chi got to offer an 18 year old
Sell drugs or get a job you gotta play your role
My dawg worked in Taco Bell hooked us up in plural
Fired a week later the manager count the churos
Sometimes I can’t believe it when I look up in the mirror
How we out in Europe spending Euros
They claim you never know what you got till its gone
I know I got it I don’t know what yall on
I’mma open up a store for aspiring MC’s
Won’t sell em no dreams just inspiration for free
But if they ever switch sides like Anakin
You would sell everything including the mannequins
You got a new bitch now you Jennifer Anniston
Hold on I’ll handle it don’t start panicking stay calm
Shorty’s at the door cause they need more
Inspiration for they life they souls and they songs
They said sorry Mr West is gone

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