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School Spirit

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Interprete : KANYE WEST

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap

Texte :

Verse 1:
I'ma get on this TV momma
I'ma I'ma put shit down
I'ma make sure these light skin niggas never ever never come back in style
Told em I finished school and I started my own business
They said "oh you graduated?" Naw I decided I was finished
Chasing yall dreams and what you got planned
Now I spit it so hot you got tanned
Back to school and I hate it there hate it there
Everything I want I gotta wait a year I wait a year
This nigga graduated at the top of our class
I went to Cheesecake he was a muthafuckin waiter there

Verse 2:
I got a Jones like Norah for your Sorror
Bring more of them girls I seen in the Aurora
Tammy, Becky, & Laura or Shirley
I'm tryin to hit it early like I'm in a hurry
See thats how dude became the young Pootie Tang tippy tow
Rocafella chain yea thats my rapper style
Rosary piece yea thats my catholic style
Red & white ones yea thats my Kappa style
And I ain't even pledge
Cracked my head on the steering wheel and I ain't even dead
If I could go through all that and still be breathing
Bitch bend over I'm here for a reason

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