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Let It Go (Feat Missy Elliott, Lil Kim)

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Interprete : KEYSHIA COLE

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

You need to get if he don't wanna
Love you the right way he ain't gonna
It ain't where he's at its where he
Where he wanna be

[Missy Elliott]
(I don't want yo man)
Cause I got it like that
But it ain't even gotta be like that
(Eh he he he he)
Yo man he be callin me back
Cause see I'm fine and a matter of fact
(Eh he he he he)
He asked how I do dat dat
Fit my jeans over baby fat
I don't know the type of tricks he playin
But I should warn you I don't want ya man

[Keyshia Cole]
I understand why you wanna try
Make him stay home late at night
But if wanna go he'll be gone no lie
I can't explain how many times I tried
How many times I cried
Thinkin about mine and where he might be
Remember when I gave everything I got
Couldn't get deep down inside
How ya love someone who didn't love me


[Chorus X2]
If he ain't gonna love you
The way he should
Then let it go
If he ain't gonna treat you
The way he should
Then let it go

[Missy Elliott]
When this song come on in the club
They gon be like
Damn that's hot
And when they play it in they car
They gon drop they tops like
Damn that's hot
They gon mix it wit Biggie "It was all a dream" like
Damn that's hot
Me and Keyshia won't stop
Til the tick don't tock like
Damn that's hot

[Keyshia Cole]
Now understand why I take my time
Cause you come wit alibis
Trynna get me to see thats where you trynna be
But I dont want yo man
Yo mans been callin me
Trynna get me to see
That he wants me to be wit him
But he ain't the one for me
And if you only knew
You would
Do what you had to
Finally see that


[Chorus X2]

[Lil Kim]
Here's a little lesson Lil Kim don't stress em
Kick em all straight to the curb like Beckham
Broke up wit my Ex he wit her for now but
Little do she know she just a rebound
Callin my phone she so outta pocket
I been there before o'girl you need to stop it
Trickin on me when he tell you he ain't got it
You don't get the picture
My pictures in his wallet
Never ever thought I would leave him alone
But I let a dog roam now he wanna come home
But I
Don't trust him
Though I still love him
No longer want him
Lookin at his cousin
Kinda buzzin
Loose off the goose
Got him on a chase like cranberry juice
When he's wit you he's wishin it was me
You might be where he's at but I'm where
He wanna be (Baby Baby!)

[Chorus X2]


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