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Interprete : LIBERTY X

Langue : Anglais
Année : 2003

Texte :

i never knew this would be hard
but now my heart his breaking down
i always throught i'd hear you call my name
now i can hear a sound

if there is a change you know i will
relight the fire that we killed
(do you know)

is there another way
there's still so much to say
and i know where to begin

don't tell it's impossible
you said we were invincible
the situation's critical but i believe you can survive
cause my heart cries, my soul dies every time we say goodbye
don't tell me it's impossible to save this heart of mine

i never throught that we'd be strangers
after all that we'd become
i never knew my world would come crashing down
the moment you were gone

is time out for things to change
cause i can see light throught all the rain

don't say it's over know
we'll make it work somehow
without you i don't know where to begin


we got lost along the way
btu when the night is over
we could live another day
$cause something's taking over

people change but love remains the same


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