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Ghetto Girls

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Interprete : LIL' BOW WOW

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap

Texte :

[(JD) Bow Wow]
(oh,oh) (uh,huh,uh)
What I like, ghetto girls
(Uh,huh)(Ghetto girls)(So So Def)
(lil' bow wow)
(Ghetto girls)(To the B now)(Let's talk about it)
(Ghetto girls)(Around here its them ghetto girls)
(Ghetto girls)(Hey yo bow wow, what I'm talkin' bout)

[Verse 1 (JD)]
Like when Janet was justice that's what I'm talkin' bout
a shorty that can tell ya when the J's come out (yeah)
get creative with the haircut like T-Boz
favorite rappers is bow wow, snoop, JD, and nas (ha,ha)
Always up in somebody's face tryin' to fuss
And to get where's she's going she can take the bus (uh)
Like with Jada was Peaches in the movie Shame
Hard to find her time to be sittin' at the Rucker's game
They only like dealin'wit cats that love to floss
only like rockin' the stuff that really costs (that's right)
lip gloss shinin', tattoes on the back
Attitude like Mary J. mixed wit Brat (yeah)
You can find 'em at a beauty shop or at a church
Name brand hat, and somethin' to match the purse (uh,oh)
So all that sedity stuff yall can keep
'cause only girls that keep it ghetto that can ride wit me for sho (ha,ha)

(Ghetto girls)
They like hot boyz that pull hot toyz
And ball wit the best of them
(Ghetto girls)
They rock braids and do 'em straight
And in the kitchen fix they mom some kool-aid
(Ghetto girls)
They think they can hang and talk more slang than I do
(Ghetto girls)
That's all I like so tell me baby
Is that you?

[Verse 2]
(Bow wow let's talk about it)
When they ride wit they man like you won't believe
Switch the color on the hair like E-V-E
when they talk like I talk
But walk like a lady (uh)
Snap like I snap and get a little crazy
I love that (ha,ha)
'specially when they bout the cheese (oh)
the type that won't front for some Mickey D's
Bandanas to Barrettes (uh,uh)
Daisy dukes to spandex
(all that's good wit me)
I like 'em G-H-E-T-T-O
Now believe me she got to go (uh,uh)
At the corner store buying up all the sweets
From choo-choos to rice krispies treats on my street
That's all I see like everyday (uh,uh)
And they do what they do in a crazy way (and what else)
Play wit the ballers so they never pay (oh yeah)
And they usually got a name that's hard to say, ya heard me

[Chorus 1x]

Uh, let's talk about it now
If ya know what I mean shorty let yo' self be seen ya heard me (uh,huh ghetto)
[Repeat 4x] uh,huh
ya heard (keep it going yo)
uh,huh (uh)
[Chorus Repeat 1x]
(All I like is)

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