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4 Ever

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Interprete : LIL'MO , FABOLOUS

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB
Année : 2004

Texte :

Baby, i'm at the point in my life
When i'm tired of playin games
I'm ready to settle down
I'm ready to buy a house
And i'm ready to change my last name
I'm ready to have some kids
Ready for the life to live
And all love has to give
I been your supermwoman for so long
I'm ready to be your wife

Little M-O

Now that love's taken over
I'm 100% sure that it's here to stay
I ain't goin nowhere
You ain't goin nowhere so...

Let's make it official
We ain't gettin no younger baby
And I'm ready to be with you
Together for always
To have and to hold through sickness and though health
You might think i'm crazy baby

Can you live with it, lovin me for life
To have and hold forever
Baby ride or die til death do us part
Let's make it last forever

Are you ready to be happy babe
For the rest of your life Cause i wanna be your future, yeah
And let's start a family
Cause i ain't goin nowhere
And you ain't goin nowhere so

Let's make it official.....


I'm ready to walk down that aisle in all white
And dedicate my life to you (yeah, yeah)
And live together happily ever after all

All i been thinkin bout is us
Slidin from weddings with bands on
Healin to San Juan, gettin our tan on
Girl, you must be forgettin your man's long
Most tuxes i have trouble gettin the pants on
And i know things run through your head when your man's gone
I come home have you sayin (Oh Boy) better than Cam'ron
We upsettin they plans on
Gettin they chance on
Gettin they hands on F-A-B-O

refrain x2

Make it last forever
And ever and ever

Poster par : grace

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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