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My Cinderella

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Interprete : LIL ROMEO

Langue : Anglais
Auteur : lil romeo
Année : 2004

Texte :

What's happening ladies.It's your man Nick Canon on the beat
I'm here with Romeo
He's about to tell ya'll something
To all the girls out there,I'm looking for a Cinderella
New No Limit,Can I ball?

It's young Romey,Looking for a homey
I little Juliet,When it's thick she 'ii console me
When I'm all lonely, she knows how to hold me
I little tight shorty,know what I mean
Little attitude,but not controlling
With them pink Nike's and them Passion jeans
I need a girl, sweet as a dove
First time in my life I see I need love
New No Limit,Mommy no gimmicks
Maybach Benz,Mommy jump in it
You remind me of my diamonds,always shinning
A flawless girl
I'm a young Bill Gates,get all this girls
Before I'm 24,we can rule the world
You can be my Queen,yo that's for real

And if I ever fall in love again
I'll be sure that the lady is a friend
And if I ever fall in love again
I'll be sure that the lady is like you

I want my shorty to be like you
Sweet and sassy ,someone I can write to
Yes ,it's quite true,I kinda like you
You say we 're just friends,but not tonight , Bo
Let's pretend you 're my Cinderella
Have you home by 12 ,respect the fellas
Keep you together in my butta soft leather
The night is young we could do whatever
In know you see me on the TV show ,videos,big screens,but I'm just Romeo
I'm a real cool dud you should get to know
On a different plateau ,like whoa!
Find out ''what's love ''like Fat Joe
Mommy I don't know, but I'm willing to grow
To the moutaintop if you willing to go
Don't be scared,Rome'll take you there


Look if I ever fall in love , It's all or nothing
No reason for the kid to go and start frontin'
Looking for a girl who can press my buttons
Get me on the cell and do a little something
Can I ball??You know it,Ma
Player,standing tall,I'm growing up
It's the New No Limit,ya 'll can't flow with us
On my way to school,I got own bus
And I can't leave home whithout my chains
Got girls all over screaming my name
Like Tracey McGrady and Yoa Ming
I might switch teams but I'm still in the game
MVP,so I'm earning that
Searching for a girl that's sweet,put a slipper on her feet
Until then I'm gonna run the streets
Keep sprinning these rhymes,next run the beat


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