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All My Life

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Interprete : LIL WAYNE

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap

Texte :

[Jay rock]
i whe block right
wasnt in my right mind
just a young nigga hustlin tryina get mine
movin with the 9 double m,
niggas like you dont really wanna fuck with him
young teenager graduated with paper
yeah i had to get it cuz mama she wasnt able
black and white tv set,no cable
40's in the fridge chicken noodles on the table
i wasnt born with a silver spoon
child of the ghetto raised off a different tune
balla blocker in my living room
if the price is right i cn get you a whole livin room
yeah that was my gutta ways back in the gutta days
no education but the gutta pays
thru it all came a long way
came from sellin' the yay
fistfights to gunplay

Get 'em, get 'em, big get 'em ....

[Lil wayne]

times is hard as it is
das why i got guns and my guns got kids
das why i be goin so tough on these hoes
i play my own hand i dont shuffle or fold
fuck witta nigga then go fuck with some hoes
hear tha bitches screamin like they stuck in a hole
i am not a demon but was once a lost soul
till i find myself a block away from the crossroad
i have outgrown the fishbowl
so now im on my feet like a fuckin insole
i have been hurt like a fuckin lymphnode
but its fuck the world
like a fuckin nympho
and we spend dough, cuz we make mo
and i make sho when i say so
its jayrock and weezy need i say mo
clothesline the beat deevee i say flow


[Jay rock]
jayrocks just that same OG
i aint trynna see da grave on tha penintentiary
everyday livin tryynna stay on my feet
even tho a nigga paid but mah hearts in the street
so mah dogs ima beast so hard on these beats
so my family could eat
ill be damned if i see so income there it comes
jayrock they know crack music,
drug in that flow oh


[Lil wayne]
we been ho need i say mo
ya family could die, when i say go
green light green light
whats ya green like
before ya sign me up hit the scene right
an i just happen to fan it when im bein nice
drivin slow in the lane jst doesnt seem right
yeah an i remember the low nights livin the low life
but i made that wrong right


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