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Bill Gates

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Interprete : LIL WAYNE

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap

Texte :

[Lil Wayne - Verse 1]
Skinny ass pants
fresh pair of vans
if you n*ggas keep trippin' n*gga share an ambulance
throw up blood with my hands
my gang poppin' n*ggas smoke that kush and not that reggie
for you name droppin' n*ggas
all day I do it
I do it like Tony
got a sign on my d*ck that say "bad b*tches only"
I don't drink champagne, it make my stomach hurt
man I'm on that patron, f*ck with me wrong and get murked
got a silencer on the gun, that b*tch go "pu"
Got a mean ass swagger, my b*tches do too
yeah all my n*ggas nuts and I'm a loose screw
b*tch I get big bucks pockets on bruce bruce
yeah I talk that sh*t bitch I got red, bitch I got toast
welcome to the murder show I am the muthf*cking host
they call me Weezy F Baby yes I do the f*cking most
Im at their throats until they choke
the God has spoke I need a smoke man

All these b*tches and n*ggas still hatin'
I used to be a baller but now I'm Bill Gaten'
got a list of full of problems, I tend to em later
yeah life is a b*tch but I appreciate her man(x2)

[Lil Wayne - Verse 2]
It go dark asss shades, I can't see them haters
now eat these f*ckin' bullets, don't forget to tip the waiter
dress like a skater, ride on you like Shawn White
I'm high all day, you can call that sh*t a long flight
every nights a long night, every day is a holiday
I can f*ck the squares now do that mean I'm out of shape
yes I talk sh*t, got to defecate to conversate
weezy f*ck the world, yup I f*ck it till it ovulate,
get her to the crib get in that p*ssy just dominate
Weezy F baby and the F is for fornicate
Polo Ralph Lauren b*tch, yeah that's what my pajamas say
big tall glass of some sh*t you can't pronounciate
"Beaucoup" (en français ;) ) in the bezel of my watch with the diamond face
still I do not give you mother fuck*rs the time of day
pistol in your mouth I cannot make out what you tryna say
and if they want a war, tell them mother fuck*rs bombs away

All these b*tches and niggas still hatin'
I used to be a baller but now I'm Bill Gaten'
got a list of full of problems, I tend to em later
yeah life is a b*tch but I appreciate em man(x2)

[Lil Wayne]
Let it breath to 'em,
yes just let it breath to 'em
Young mula baby
Young mula baby

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