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Interprete : LIL WAYNE

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap

Texte :

She is so sick
And i'd love to be her patient
And I will work erry day
As long as she's my occupation
dont chu wanna be
be my secretary
she's my secratary

[Verse 1: Lil'Wayne]

He's just seccondary
We do what we wanna
He dont have the slightest
He thinks shes the nicest
I think shes so nasty
We do it so often
It seems like a job now
Like a nine to five now!
(Oh boy)

[Chorus: Lil'Wayne]

dont chu wanna be (dont chu wanna be)
be my secretary (be my secretary)
come and work for me (come and work for me)
what evers neccesary (what evers neccesary)

[Verse 2: Young Money]

She's my employee of the month
Because of her I never learned how to role a blunt
She do every thing for me, role everything for me, shawty act like she gotta run away from him for me
shawty quit talkin and watch how im walkin, i dont wanna step on toes
homey gettin angry, overtime at the job is keepin his girl from home
nine to five or regular hours, if its six too ten
she goes home at ten to be happy wit her man
til i need her too clock back in

[Verse 3: Lil'Wayne]

you can check her ressume and see what you will find
she has never missed a day and she has always been on time
when he's not in, thats when she clocks in
And the bible says its wrong, but dont forgive us for our sins



Weezy F motha fuckin Baby
Weezy F motha fuckin Baby
you will see the moth fuckin

Weezy F motha fuckin Baby
Weezy F motha fuckin Baby
i will see the motha fuckin hospital

Weezy F motha fuckin Baby
Weezy F motha fuckin Baby
i will see the motha fuckin hospital

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