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All I Have

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Langue : Anglais
Année : 2002

Texte :

It's such a shame but i'm leaving
Can't take the way you're mistreating me
And it's crazy, but oh baby
It don't matter whatever don't phase me

I don't believe you want to leave like this
I don't believe I just had my real kiss
I do believe we'll laugh and reminisle

Well I'm bounthing and I'm out son
I gotta leave you alone

Cause I'm good
Holding down my spot
And I'm good
Reppin' the girls on the block
And I'm good
I got this thing on block
So without me you'll be fine-right

All my pride is all I have

Pride is what you need baby girl I'm what you have
You'll be needling me but too bad
Be easy don't make decisions while you're made
The path you chose to run alone
I know you're independent you can make it on your own
Here with me you had a home, oh yeah
But time is of the essence why spend it alone
The nights I waited up for you
Promises you made about coming trought
So much time you wasted
That's why me I had to replace you

It makes a cat nervous the trought of selling down
Especially me I was creepin' all over town
Thooght my tender touch cold lock you down
I knew I had you, as cocky at it sounds
The way you used to giggle right before I put it down
It's better when you're angry come here I'll prove it now
come here

Stop playing
You gaming
I gotto leave you alone

People make mistakes to make up, to break up, to wake up
Cold and lonely, chill baby you know me
Instead of beetin' baby come hold me
I promise I'm not a phony
Don't bounce baby console me
Come here

Ain't nothing you can say to me
That can change my mind
I gotta let you go now
And nothing will ever be the same
So just be on your way
Go head and do you thing now
And there's no male to explain to me ya know
I know your game I'm not feeling what you do
So I'm bouncing
And I'm out son
I gotta leave you alone
Yeah yeah

Poster par : andjina

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