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Freestyle Of My Pass Life

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Interprete : M-RABBIT

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap
Auteur : M-Rabbit
Compositeur : M-rabbit
Année : 2005

Texte :

Fuck This Shit ,Fuck this moment.Why you will don't understand.What the fuck you do (hey'man).When you wanna kill me(ha'ha)I'm a shark,In dark.I'm in black , on back.All is burn,all is out,All the words go out of my mouth.Now i am the bad guy,Can see it in my black eyes.I hate the people Kill likes axe and apple.I make the heel easy, I am only The badly.Fuck my bitch Its a crazy .She wanna making fuck of me.Its not a probality not the fucking liberty.She wanna just espace me .She wanna only (plz) erase me.She's bitch whith his friends (fuck) they are fucking hippi.This Shit can just be easy.But Now Now Its Not happy.i go to a bad life fucky.I give mine,shit .I misses.Now i come to the reality and all is in chek ,I see. My ex girlfriend its a crazy the next i will not freezy but fuck this guys , he's busy.

New Rappeur/Parle Francais aussi/quebecois envoyer moi vos commentaire tx

Poster par : M-Rabbit

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Freestyle Of My Pass Life
Freestyle Of My Pass Life
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