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Interprete : MARIAH CAREY

Langue : Anglais
Genre : rnb¤rnbpop
Auteur : X×xX
Compositeur : X×xX
Année : 1998

Texte :

You bringhten up the moon and stars at night
You keep me seeing rainbows in the sky
You bring new meaning to my life, now
I believe in miracles baby I'm forever yours,

Tender love's what you're giving me and
You surpass all my fantasies and
I keep thanking The Lord above for
Blessing me with oh so much

Cause I konw how it feels to be
Part of you boy
Everyday of my life's so abundant
With joy
And I honestly never thought love
Could be real
Until the angels guided you to me


Lying with you so natural
I never knew this was possible
And it finally feels like my life has begun
Now that I can share it with someone

Refrain x2:

Baby our love will always persevere
Anything you ever need,
You know I'll be right here and
You don't have to worry boy
I won't betray your trust
Because I'm so much in love
Every time your lips meet mine
It still feels like the first time
And if you lost everything
I'd keep standing by your side
And biy it seems like everyday
I fall deeper in love
Because I can't get enough

Refrain x2:

Everything taht you do's so amazing
Everything taht you do's so amazing
Everything taht you do's so amazing
Everything taht you do's so amazing to me

Refrain x2:

Poster par : SeXy GiRlZzzZ

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