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May Cause Discoloration Of The Urine Or Feces

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Langue : Anglais
Genre : Hard Rock

Texte :

GRANDMOTHER: " ...10:30 this morning..."
MOTHER: "I can't hear ya"

GRANDMOTHER: "I woke up at 10:30 this morning with a headache"
GRANDMOTHER: "I don't know whether to take them or not"
MOTHER: "I wouldn't take 'em"

GRANDMOTHER: "I don't know, they could help now"
MOTHER: "It's the first time you took 'em?"

MOTHER: "Yeah"

GRANDMOTHER: "I had a little bit of a headache this morning"
MOTHER: "I wouldn't take 'em, mom"

GRANDMOTHER: "I've been taking the aspirin to get rid of the headache I've been taking everything I've got, I've taken..."
MOTHER: "All the blood pressure medicine you take and stuff, too, you shouldn't take those things, it's better off not to sleep than to take them"

GRANDMOTHER: (marmonne quelque chose au sujet de ne pas prendre le Procardia)
MOTHER: "Oh my god no wonder you got a headache, your pressure's probably sky-high! why don't - you gotta take that everyday!"

GRANDMOTHER: "I haven't taken it in..."
MOTHER: "Are you crazy?"

GRANDMOTHER: "Three days"
MOTHER: "That's probably why you have a headache now! did you take it today?"

GRANDMOTHER: "I took it this morning, yeah"
MOTHER: "Well that's probably why you have a headache, cause your pressure's up"

MOTHER: "I don't know how you can forget to take it, I mean that's the only pill you take"

GRANDMOTHER: "I have a lot, I'm sure you'd be suprised"
MOTHER: "Well the blood pressure pill's the most important one, there ain't no other one as important as that one"

GRANDMOTHER: "I have one more and then I have to go and take it to get a refill"
MOTHER: "You only got one pill?"

GRANDMOTHER: "I only take one a day"
MOTHER: "Well yeah but you shouldn't let 'em get that low"

GRANDMOTHER: "Well I can get more... I take it in the morning and then-"
MOTHER: "They're expensive uh, if you have to pay for 'em, Procardia?"

GRANDMOTHER: "No, the other one"
MOTHER: "Which ones?"

GRANDMOTHER: "I gotta take the Procardia"
MOTHER: "Well are you taking that every day?"

MOTHER: "Well that's the blood pressure pill, the heart pill, the Procardia and what's the other one?"

GRANDMOTHER: "h-y-d-r-o-l-t-l-i-n"
MOTHER: "Oh well that's something to do with water and... water and uh, blood pressure"

GRANDMOTHER: "I take one tablet every day"
MOTHER: "Yeah well that'll bring your... it's like a water pill type pressure, but the Procardia's the important one"

MOTHER: "You have to take that everyday"

MOTHER: "You should take that the first thing when you get up"

MOTHER: "Well how come you ain't been taking it?"

GRANDMOTHER: "I took it yesterday, the Procardia"
MOTHER: "Well how comr you didn't take it today?"

GRANDMOTHER: "I had a headache today"
MOTHER: "That's why you have the headache! You gotta take the Procardia! Take it now! That's for your headache! That's to make your pressure come down!"

MOTHER: "If you don't take you're gonna... you'll have a stroke if you don't take it, if you got a headache that bad, you're gonna have a stroke"

GRANDMOTHER: "I had a headache that bad this morning"
MOTHER: "Well you better go take the Procardia right now"

GRANDMOTHER: "I will I'll take it when I hang up"
MOTHER: "You didn't take that other blood pressure pill either?"

GRANDMOTHER: "Yeah I took it this morning"
MOTHER: "Well you should take the Procardia right now"

GRANDMOTHER: "I take the Procardia in the morning when I get up in the morning"
MOTHER: "Well you"

GRANDMOTHER: (marmonne quelque chose)
MOTHER: "Well how long's it been since you took the Procardia?"

GRANDMOTHER: "Three days"
MOTHER: "How many?"

MOTHER: "Well see that's ridiculous you better go take it right now"

MOTHER: "Then you'll find out your headache will go away"

GRANDMOTHER: "Yeah I'm taking the Procardia with the ???"
MOTHER: "Any other medicine you're taking ain't that important. You ain't got nothing but nerve pills, they ain't important. Well, the nerve pills ain't that important. The blood pressure medicine's important"

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