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Interprete : MARIO

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

All I wanna do
Is do me
Feel me? Come on

[Chorus 1] :
Next time y'all niggas try to compare me
Remember I just turned 18
That means I got 7 years to catch up
So what's up?
Next time y'all underestimate me (Don't do that)
Recognize I just turned 18
That means i got 7 years to catch up
So what's up?

I brush the dirt off my shoulder
Push through the city in an all pearl rover
One day I wanna be just like my nigga Hova
But they don't wanna let me
Haters they been hatin
Sayin what I can't be
But i'mma stay up on they bumper
Keeping the radios jumpin all summer
Havin your girl screamin just to take a picture
I'm settin up my features
My bank account's reachin
And everybody's peeking

[Chorus 2] :
Next time y'all try to compare me
Rememeber I just 18
That means I got 7 years to catch up
So what's up?
Next time ya'll underestimate me (Don't wanna that)
Recognize I just turned 18
That means I got 7 years to catch up
So what's up?

This is a funny situation
These guys I grew up havin crazy admiration for
Got the feelin that I'm tryna replace them
That ain't the case
I'm in a whole 'nother place
Tryna build my estate
I gotta keep my Nikes nice and clean
Keep the women up to 25 chasin me
Got Mr. Davis pushin buttons in the Captains seat
That means more dough before I'm too old
And basically before

[Chorus 1]

[Rap] :
Yeah yo Mario
Don't let 'em get you heated homie
Just only go harder
Let 'em underestimate you like you Antonio Tarver
Plus the dudes that be hatin is as old as your father
You got plenty time you gone get plenty shine
I don't pay 'em any mind
They been tryna critcize
But you can't live your life through another nigga's eyes
I'm the best and you young boys know so
I'mma fall back and let my young boy blow

[Chorus 1]

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