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How Could You

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Interprete : MARIO

Langue : Anglais
Année : 2005

Texte :

Uhh OOOh Whooo no no no no

Verse 1:
Its kinda crazy baby how i remember things
like where you came from and how you had nothing
I went and made you fly, put extras on your ride
Didn't miss a birthday, now you can't even remember mine

You made it clear to me (you wasn't down for me) love made me blind baby(but now i see)
You had things up your sleaves(ohh)
Only to lie to me.
I even heard it from your family,
How could you let somebody lay where i laid
How could you give him everything that we made
How could you call him all the names that you use to call me.
how could you? how could you/ just forget about me. how could you, teach him all the things i taught you
how could you put him up to the ghetto karma sutra
How could you put me in the back and give him the front seat
How could you? How could you Just forget about me.
you must be out your mind
you got alot of nerve
to think that I`m gonna chill you after all the shit i heard
I dearly carried you i could of married you ,
Good thing i found out before I bought that seven Karat for you.
I know you sich about, the way i found you out,
go head and pack it out
I hope he got room at his house (you should of thought of me before you hopped in the sheets.
Damn i can't belive that you did this to me.
Girl i tried to give to everything , can't believe the way you repayed me . Girl you had it all,
but i guess my all wasn't good enough for you,
I accepted it, and I ain't gone trip
girl i am moving on sometimes I can't help but think that another man gonna get the one thats made for me.


How could you, how could you just go and laid there,
how could you how could you give him everything,
how could you how could you call him names like that,
how could you you babe how could you,

Poster par : Nathan

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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