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Beautiful Ones

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Interprete : MARY J. BLIGE

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

Oh no, so beautiful
So beautiful

I'd give my flesh for yours
I'd sacrifice everything
You are my door to a new beginning
A lucky charm, potato pie
So sweet you make me cry
I can't deny
The way you make me feel inside, oh

[Refrain 1] :
You are the beautiful one
And I love to hold you until the sun
Goes down on your song

Have mercy on me
I'm crazy 'bout you
Look at all the things your lips make me do
You are my song when there's no music to play
Oh I wanna marry someone like you someday

[Refrain 1]

[Refrain 2] :
Oh beautiful one, don't you ever go
Don't you ever go, don't you ever go
Don't you ever go

Can't you hear the bells ringing
Doves flying in the air
With this ring I promise to always be right there
Through the good and the bad times forever yours
I will remain, with your love baby in my life
You know we can stop the rain, yeah

[Refrain 1]
[Refrain 2]
[Refrain 1]

Me baby, with me baby
Oh baby yeah
Don't you, don't you
Don't, don't, don't
Don't, don't you leave, no, oh

[Refrain 1]
[Refrain 2]
[Refrain 1]
[Refrain 2]

Yeah, oh don't go
So beautiful
You, you, you, you, you, you, you, you
You, you, you, you, you
Oh ah-yeah, oh, ooh, oh, ooh, yeah, yeah

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