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Crazy Games

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Interprete : MARY J. BLIGE

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

Once he seen you get so comfortable
Never wantin to commit fo sho
Always lying bout the girl next door
That's how all these things began
You let you gaurd down and he does you in
All you secrets hes been holdin that in
To throw back at you when it benifits him
So he can go and play with all his chickens

[Refrain] :
Tell me where the lyin and the front begun
Why you playin wit me cuz it ain't fun
How can it be two if I'm your only one
That's how crazy this game is
Workin so hard to complete ourselves
Never thinkin that our love was on the shelf
Livin our life like there was no one else
That's how crazy this game is

Who you messin with cuz all the games you play
Oh you didn't know my name was Mary J
All the chicks you hear that heard they all look slave
tryin ta gas me sayin things have changed
Now your like the furthest thing from my brain
Never thought I had to say it to you this way
All these years I been with you boy I feel so played
Now I need to go jump in my blazer


Marys say: "This is one thing I will not tolerate"
I'm not........... for this.......... abusive........relation..........reclusive...
excuses...........for evolution.
When you play.........with games.......its starts.......possessive.......obsession..........statement.


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Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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