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Flying Away

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Interprete : MARY J. BLIGE

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

[Refrain] :
Me, you will go flying away
I'm gon' take you lil' higher
We'll go flying away
Where the sun is wet and the rainbow's fly
Flying away
Unto another star
Where I'm mines and our hearts will find a way

Baby, here's your only chance
Call me your sunshine
On a rainy day- love is on the way
Don't you worry bout nothing at all
If you really need a friend, it's me you could call
I won't bring you down
We'll fly high above the ground
And me and you


Ooh everything you're dreaming of
You can always find it
Inside me there's love
I won't push and shove
I'll be so gentle with your feelings you'll see
That you really need a woman and the woman is me
I won't play no games
I will always stay the same
Let's go higher baby


I know
That you feel so good
Up above
You see
You and me
So we'd go
We'll climb and we'll climb
And we're gunna get so high
Till we reach the stars
Finally get to Mars
We'll go higher babe

[Refrain] x4

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