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lundi 25 octobre 2021


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I'm Going Down

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Interprete : MARY J. BLIGE

Langue : Anglais
Genre : slozoukve
Année : 1996

Texte :

Time on my hand
since U been away boy
I ain't got no place no,no,no,no
and the sound of the rain
against my windowpane
it's slowly,it's slowly driving me insane

boy, i'm going down
i'm going down
coz you and around, baby
my all world's upsidedown

sleep don't come easy
boy please believe me
since you been gone
everythinghs going wrong
what you had to say goodbye?
look what you've done to me
i can't stop this tears from fallin from my eyes
oh baby


oohh baby love, going down
going down, hummmm ohh going down
oohh I I


going down, going down
i don't know what to do if i ever lose you?
i'll be going down, i said i 'll be going down
please forgive baby
i'm so sorry, sorry ,sorry
what did i do wrong?
i said what did i do wrong
please forgive me baby
and come on home
going down
going down
going down

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