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Ghetto Love

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Interprete : MATT

Langue : Francais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

INTRO: Scandalous
She brings out the (ghetto love in me)
Ha ha
Matt Houston!

REFRAIN: Matt Houston
Mon son n'as pa de frontières est-ce que tu me suis fréro ?
J'ai de l'amour à revendre aux seurs en manque d'affection
J'ai de la force à donner aux frères derrière les barreaux
C'est mon ghetto love (ghetto love in me)
Ghetto love, ghetto love (ghetto love in me)
C'est mon ghetto love, ghetto love (ghetto love in me)
C'est mon ghetto love, ghetto love (ghetto love in me)

VERSE 1: Scandalous
The first night I met her, I was calm and collect
Im looking for the right pitch so that I can connect
She's throwing me curveballs, just to see if Im slippin
But I have quite a streak in this game like Cal Ripken
This girl can pitch a no-hitter for 9 innings
And guaranteed 20 wins like shes Roger Clemens
She's got an incredible fastball, the girl is a grinder
And a change up to make you wish you stayed in the minors
But I refuse to let my batting average rank second
With more home runs on opening night than Hank Aaron
Im loaded with energy and Im bout to burst
She throws a solid fastball, now Im rounding first
The girl brings out (the ghetto love in me)
First night in the park and already at home plate
Like a seven figure player, cant resist it easy
And wants to see me again like I'm instant replay
Ha ha, yeah!

REFRAIN w/ Scandalous & Eloquence

VERSE 2: Scandalous
All I know, shes the queen of them all
She gets a lot of double takes when we walk through the mall
Shes there to help a nigga up when he's bout to fall
And she hold a nigga's chain when he's bout to brawl
Fuck candle light dinners, she refuses to slow dance
Gets down and dirty, no need for romance
The girls a rough neck, loves the rough sex
Works out like Bow Flex, incredible oral sex
From handcuffs and chains to the little things
Likes her ass smacked enough so it stings
Loves her hair pulled, but not too strong
She puts up resistance, so I just play along
Takes it from the front or back, Navigator or Lac
A public place in the city or an area outback
Her love as intense as the end of a thrilling chapter
A fuck thatll have you remembering days after

REFRAIN w/ Scandalous & Eloquence

OUTRO: Scandalous
Matt Houston on the track
Eloquence in the back
Ha ha
She brings out (the ghetto love in me)
She brings out (the ghetto love in me)
Ha ha, yeah
On The Track Entertainment, come on
She brings out (the ghetto love in me)
She brings out (the ghetto love in me)

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