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Turn The Page

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Interprete : METALLICA

Langue : Anglais
Année : 1999

Texte :

On a long and lonely highway east of Omaha
You can listen to the engine, moaning out as one long song
You can think about the woman, or the girl you knew the night before
And your thoughts will soon be wondering the way they always do
When you're riding sixteen hours and there's nothing much to do
you dont feel much like traveling, you just wish the trip was through
But here I'm, on the road again
Here I'm, up on the stage
Here I go, playing the star again
There I go, turn the page
You walk into this restaurant, strong out from the road
And yo feel the eyes up on you, as you're shaking off the cold
You pretend it doesn't bother you but you just want to explode
Sometimes you can hear'em talk, other times you can't
All the same'ole cliches: is that a woman or a man?
And you always seem outnumbered, you dare not make a stand
Out there in the spotlight, your a million miles away
Avery ounce of energy, you try to give away
and the sweat pours from your body, like the music that you play
Later in the evening, as your lie awake in bed
echos of the amplifier, ringin' in your head
as you smoke tha day last ciguerette
remembering what she said....what....she...said
( Refrain )

Poster par : yos- the Lord

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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