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Beat Biters

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Interprete : MISSY ELLIOTT

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

She's auh...bitch,
I'ma tell y'all straight up and down,
I't's like this for real,
She's going down like this for real,
She's auh...bitch,
I'm sick of y'all fake Timbaland beat biting,
You know what I'm sayin',
I'ma bring it to you like this.
By all means necessary,
You might catch me somewhere sticking your baby's daddy's,
They say yo Missy you wack, but y'all not ready,
I come back like a smack,you hear my gats in your back ( ),
Huh, like spaghetti, half of you MC's be stinkin' like bootelli,
So your record label cut you off like confetti,
Then you wanna call Missy and beg me, beg me, ooh!
Beg me, beg me, dad I'm very scary,
Give a nigga french kiss he want to marry,
See, y'all jealous tricks, y'all cannot stand me, ooh!
That's fine dandy, hey daddy-daddy,
Why these chicken heads, ooh!
They be so petty, hey nah nah you bet not test me
I keep telling you nah you never ready,
nah you never ready

Get rowdy,
Let me hear y'all loudly,
Keep my high niggas round me,
Let me see y'all work it, and work it, til you can't stand up
Get rowdy,
Let me hear y'all loudly,
Keep my high niggas round me,
Let me see y'all work it baby, work, work it baby

In the club I see niggas
Think I'm super fly, they blow me sugahs,
So I cut them short, some like scissors,
They trying to take me home, they give me liquor,
You know who I am? I'm bitch, do you know what I make?
You see me on the road, when I scroll,
I float through the toll, like whoa,
You just a silly ho, this I know,
You be at every show, for the dough, hear me now!


Huh... Beat biters, dope style taker, originator,
You just an imitator,
Stealing our beats like you're the one who made,
Them Timbaland the teacher,
I'm the one that grades em, check the verbatim,
'F' is how we rate em, how dare you make 'em,
Just like we made 'em, and I won't say em,
Save this for later, so I can tell you straighter.


Now, see this one right here,
This is for everybody,
This is for my people east, east, west, south...
East, west, south, but you know what?
Before I get up on outta here,
I gotta say one thing to y'all beat biters,
It's about to be the year 2000 you know what I'm sayin',
And I'm kind of sick of that, that (...), that (...), that (....),
On every thing y'all gonna come up with y'all own creativity,
yah own originality, ya own style, you know what I'm sayin'
You gonna be left behind this time, all right,
Ain't no love lost, all I need is you to do is

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