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Mos Def Freestyle

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Interprete : MOS DEF

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap

Texte :

[Mos Def]
Ha ha, said the world world world famous
Said wa wa wa wa world world world famous
Said wa wa wa wa world world world famous
Said the world premier, who's standin here
I'll let you know
Flow so diligently (Mos Def)
I make it sound so differently (Mos Def)
Me and Sean J. both willing to be considerably
Shine like a good feeling to me
To all my people all originally all from Brooklyn shows
Give the party people what they lookin for
And it's lookin mo' bright, my game mo' tight
Said it's alright, alright, I said this all night
Rockin all night, all night, we rockin all night
All my people in Brooklyn, show yo' resprect
All my people in QB, show yo' respect
Flex mix this, Mos kick this, now you gon' get this
Handlin the business
>From here on to the city limits
Them other cats sounded unfinished
But let me jump in it, I rump wit it, I thump in it
I got the Sean J. jump in it
Accompanied by what be fly, speakin candidly, me and my family
Is doin very outstandidly, it ain't nuttin but a jam to me
It's just my man and me
And that's the F-U-N-K-M-A-S-T-E-R
Flexin it, respectin it, make the honey dolls get affectionate
I'm in your section wit de womp de womp de womp de de womp womp
World, world world famous, we ain't nameless
Yo you know this jam it be bumpin in the foreign lands
And all your mans be like "yo, damn!"
Tap yo' hands and raise yo' hands up high

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