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Tamale (les Vrais Parole)

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Interprete : MR VEGAS

Langue : Anglais
Genre : reagae
Auteur : MR vegas
Compositeur : MR vegas
Année : 2003

Texte :


She'a tamale drunk on
She wanna party after the party
She wanna private dance with somebody
Cause her body gotta a mind of its ohohoh...nananana...

(REFRAIN 2fois)
Just the way how she mover her body
you can tell that she's a tamale
Hips moving like a ferrari
You can tell that she'a tamale.

As soon as she walked thru the door aha aha
And back her thing up on the floor aha aha
Its geting hot it's a bout to blow aha aha
Tell the firetruck to bring the hose aha aha
She showing off her belly skin
Looking sexy with navel skin
She don't care who's hating
She ain't fakin she' just doing her thing ohohoh...nananana...

(REFRAIN 2fois)

She's got man gazing
And she's hot she's blazing' na
It is so crazy
But this girl amazone me ah
She suck lady
Skin like a new born baby
Scent like a garden daisy
zum zum fot like the lips of missy ohohohoh...nananana....

(REFRAIN 2fois)


(REFRAIN 2fois)

chanson dedier a Alexi un grand pot et un grand srinteur de Davy le lanceur de javelot

Poster par : davy

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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