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Lucky You

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Langue : Anglais
Genre : Reggae
Année : 2005

Texte :

damn man, your life must be so happy,
you've got your wife and some lovely kids,
as for me, i'm here trying to look alive

lucky you, you've got a woman to go home to
i've got to find me myself a woman
what i wouldn't do man
lucky you, you've got some kids to attend to
i've got to find me myself a woman
what i wouldn't do now

verse 1:
ain't nothing funny
sittin there makin fun of me
just bcuz you've got your kids and your honey
you've got money
damn good for you, man your life must be so happy
now on the other hand
im here tryin to look alive, just get a wife
having a family would be so nice
it would bring joy to me to find a lady
who would bring a baby boy for me or a girl for me
would mean the world


verse 2:
when you reach home ur greeted with hugs and kisses
by your wife and your 3 lovely kids
just to see your dinner on the table
ain't got nothing to worry about you've got your cable
still got a young one comin up in the cradle
damn, man, ur life must be so tabled
and as for me im inable, disabled
im like a fable


verse 3:
sometimes when im passing
i would see you and your family together laughing
i would just stand there (stand there) and imagine (staring) and stare
but right now, right now im feelin alone
right now, i need someone to call my own
right now, i feel as if i'll pick up the phone and call and ask the kids if their alright at home
but oh

(verse 1)

lucky you, lucky you, lucky you...

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