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Keep It G.A.N.G.S.T.A.

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Interprete : NATE DOGG , LIL'MO , XZIBIT

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap
Année : 2001

Texte :

Chorus: A gangsta's born every day
So make sure that you keep it
And now that I know the game
I'll make sure that I keep it

Nate verse 1: Deep in the ghetto where the poor people hang
Please pay attention they do ghettoish thangs
One out of three got a third of them bang
The other muthafuckas they be slangin that caine
Always out for money's game
Eatside homie it's a long beach thang
You heard me right nigga this is DPG
Wit the superwoman steady claimin CPT

Mo verse 1: I, promise I'm a keep it G
Promise I'm a keep my hands in the streets
Recognize game and they recognize me
Cause a G like me comes naturally
Those, haters try to hate on me
But they got no choice but to do right by me
There's no way you're dividin me
Cause my OG's in the streets gane ride for me
I, promise to do ghetto things
Cause I'm the closest thing to ghetto in this industry
That's why I be chillin when it's ninety degrees
While ya'll keep shit poppin how I ride this beat
And, people always sayin to me
How xan I tell that I'm really a G
Cause the OG's told a gangsta, gangsta told a playa, playa told Nate, and Nate just said to me

Chorus Xzibit verse 2:
I'm shifty
Verses runnin a buck fifty
Tryin to get large enough bank to get Brittany
I'm a do Brittany like Bobby did Whitney
Fuck her whole life off
Donate my kidneys
Wake up to Vodka
Crash wit the whiskey
My name told too much weight, you can't lift me
Came from a freestyle ghetto wit King Tipsy
Hold a torch over my city you can't miss me
Niggas say fuck me, but can't fuck wit me
Twist this shit
Make your fingertips sticky
I need me a wiffy
Shit I mean wifey
I'm so fucjed up, I couldn't read my own writin
Clash of the titans
No propaganda
Big Sosa comin for you Tony Montanas
T shirt, khakis, chucks, and bandanas
Livin amongst the most scandalous on the planet

Chorus x 2

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