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One-Trick Pony

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Interprete : NELLY FURTADO

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Varieté

Texte :

You say, you're identical to none
but you're identical to some, who wants to be a some? Not Me

I am not a one-trick pony
I am not a one-trick pony
I really feel no one can own me
I really feel nothing can hold me

Nobody can control me
Nobody can conform me
Nobody can disown me
Nobody can ignore me

So slow down
One-trick pony

I am not a one-trick pony
I am not a one-trick pony
For you i will not dance
For you i will not prance

And where I was last
I'll never be at
And After that
I've already passed

So slow down
And hear this sound
One-trick pony

Yeah, you do it for a price
I can see it in your eyes
See that role was never mine
cause i don't want to stand in line
See how that one-trick story goes
If she weren't on time you'd never know
cause a one-tick pony steals the show

You're Just a Pony

So back down
To the ground
And chill out

Girl, you better shape up, girl, you better shape up
Yeah the ride is so so so so sofast
Yeah, you better shape up
Yeah, just keep your chin up
No half half ass

One Trick Pony
Just ride ride ride x2

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