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Langue : Anglais
Année : 2002

Texte : you, and I...need you
Nelly you,I do...need you...

No matter what I do, all I think
about is you. Even when I'm with my
boo, boy you know I'm crazy over
you.No matter what I do, all I think
about is you. Even when I'm with my
boo, you know I'm crazy over you

I met this chick and she just moved
right up the block from me
And uhh, she got the the hots for me,
The finnest thing I need to see
But oh no, oh no, she got a man
and a son, Doh'ohhh, but that's okay
Cause I wait for my cue and just listen,
play my position
Like a shortstop, pick up everything
mami hittin' And in no time...
I better made this one mine...
And that's for sure
Cause I, I never been the type to,
Break up a happy home
But uh, there's somethin about baby girl
I just can't leave alone
So tell me ma, what's it gonna be?
She said (you don't know what you
mean to me) Come on


I see a lot in your look and I never
say a word. I know how niggaz start
actin' trippin' out here about they
girls. And ther's no way... Hey,
Nelly go for it. Ain't fuckin' with no
dame... As you could see. But I,
I like your steeze, your style,
Your whole demeanor
The way you come through and holler,
And swoop me in his 2-seater
Now that's gangstah-ah-ahhh...
And I got special way's to thank yah-ah-ahhh...
Don't you forget it
But uh, it ain't that easy for you
To back up and leave him. But uh, you
and dirty got ties for different reasons
I respect that and right before
I turn to leave, she said (you don't
know what you mean to me) Come on


Sing it for me K you, and I... need you
Nelly you, I do...
(Come on, girl)
And it's more than you'll... ever know
But... it's fo'sure
You can always count on my love
Foreve more, yeahh-yeahh...

East coast, I know you shakin' right here
Down South, I know you bouncin' right here
West Coast, I know you walkom
right here, cause (you don't know
what you mean to me)
Midwest, I see you swollen right here


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