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Interprete : NELLY

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap

Texte :

We boughi baby boughi and ghetto baby

Ali and Murphy is boughi baby
But if it ain't ghetto
Then don't move me baby
Got a lake a pool and a jaccuzi baby
But it's still mcdonalds and a movie baby
Yall so crazy

I'm at the bar industry party caviar
Then I'm su-super star
Cigarrella cigars spittin bars to this footage
Stilletoos she boughetto that mean she boughi and ghetto
Boughi cause her shoes alone cost a grand
Ghetto cause she cus to much and talk with her hands
Said She don't **** with rap since mase got saved but baby got back like mase got sprayed
You know the boughi type a bombastic mabaline queen all plastic
Front with they tank on empty
Big hands for errthang cause the top of a bently
I roll the truck slow the gas I ease on it
Got a trailer on the back 4 wheelers and d's on em
Got the leather with the jeans on em gangsta gangsta gotta get it get it good
And :

Ali and Murphy is boughi baby
But if it ain't ghetto
Then don't move me baby
Got a lake a pool and a jaccuzi baby
But it's still mcdonalds and a movie baby
Yall so crazy
If you Got an expensive weave that's boughetto
Spend 600 on weed that's boughetto
Benz while you sittin on d's that's boughetto
Tell em what's boughetto boughi and ghetto

Murphy Lee
Ay yo murph is boughi school boy ghetto what more can I say I'm boughetto
Ay yo I'm beufedo that's beautiful and ghetto i got plenty war stories plenty hood metals
Did a lot of wrong with a lot of good fellows
But now I got my **** together hello
I took my hustiln ways to them scuflin days from 8 million copies on my resume
I moved right out the the hood cause I don't like the hood I tell all my people
To think twice in the hood and the police
Man they don't even like us they got spud and boomville traileup in rights cause
I just like what the money can get
A little head errnow so honey can spit
Chorme tilts 144 of em shits and big ***crib cause :

{au Refrain}

I'm a boughetto pimp juice cause I know cause I come party late smellin like weed
No matter who trow it I'm in a curl cap didn't get paid but done a wrap
They made rolex dimonds what the **** you done it at
Throwin trash out the benz on the high way
(got a mich)
With them old school stilt spillin all in the drive way
And if it stop never tow truck pull me home ****
I keep socks had the jewlry on
I'm like a pimp in the 80's a reverand preachin it to em gassin em up
Like cheverand got the d's the beats and the television and my sprint brrrrrrr
Like a boughetto telethon but I'm boughi forever cause I got it to spendin ghetto put rims on
The car that I'm rentin truck money but it's still mo telling Kjuan and slow and nelly and:

{au Refrain, x2}

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