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Interprete : N.E.R.D

Langue : Anglais
Auteur : the neptunes
Année : 2004

Texte :

It just happend
So what?
But they're all laughing
What's up?

why the tears have no fear
we are here for you
but I know how you feel, I know how you feel
When no-one cares

If you feel just like I feel, PUSH PEOPLE
Baby,everything is plastic, nothing is real, PUSH PEOPLE
Your lover makes not steal, PUSH PEOPLE
We just dance and no big deal, PUSH PEOPLE
We just let the boot pay, PUSH PEOPLE
So we just stage the bowl,yo, PUSH PEOPLE
Got my bones, my wheels, PUSH PEOPLE
We just dance and no big deal,PUSH PEOPLE

Break out [x11]

All you can be is just you cause
you're real not the plasic time.
But reality sense and
you're stuck in this plastic life.

Why the tears
We are here for you
But I know how you feel, I know how you feel
When nothing cares.


Break out [x11]

It happens, hey, just blow it off, whooo,
man, don't it make you feel rage, rage, yeah
It happens,u-uh,just blow it off,whooo,
man,don't it make you feel rage ,rage ,yeah
just aslong we got the same thing in our vains,
you and I ,we are both the same
I bail you out and show you what you see
'bout love, N*E*R*D, peace

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