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I Wanna Jam

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Interprete : N.E.R.D

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Hip hop

Texte :

Let's be rebellious baby
No turnin back now
I'm already sold on it
You came and convinced me
I wanna get this over with
Thank God the teenagers takin over the world
And all your old school niggaz, should just go fishin for pearls

I came to sweat [3X]
Well get on up and jam y'all
I came to jam tonight
And I came to party
Well I come to jam tonight
Life makes me horny

They talk about yesterday
But I'm just thinkin 'bout tonight
Don't take it no kind of way
But I just wanna dance all night
Thank God the teenagers takin over the world
And all you yesterday people, should stay in your bed and curl


Uhh, damn right
I am a ten-to-five
I am a happy dryer
Your uphill makes my mouth dry
C'mon let's wash saliva
Don't you wanna feel some love
Everybody is high on drugs
Got problems with some nookie
I am the nookie piper!

Thank God the teenagers takin over the world
And when you open up your eyes, I hope you old fucks just hurl
Look here
I came to sweat [3X]
You ain't seen nothin yet


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