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Interprete : N.E.R.D

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Hip hop

Texte :

I want it
Ohh, I'm not even gonna lie
I want it
It's an every day dream every sigh
I want it
Even if it makes me cry
I want it
I've got to have it or I'll die
I want it
Does your family even care?
I want it
Ohh, did they tell you I'd be there?
I want it
I've gotta get this for my team
I want it
Just tell yourself this was my dream

Victoryyyyyy, I can smell it in the air
In my mind it's around me everywhere, errrre
But what a wonderous occasion, this could be
In fact I know it will, cause this is my victoryyyyyyyyy

I want it
This is something you can't buy
I want it
Ohh don't you get it nothing else will satisfy?
I want it
Even worse than someone that would lie
I want it
But only a champion would qualify
I want it
Oh to be in the books of history
I want it
Oh look page one hundred, this is me
I want it
They'll say I changed things officially
I want it
And so these were the words to my speech

[Chorus w/ ad libs]

Oh, the limit's the SKYYYYYYYYYY!
The limit is the SKYYYYYYYYYY! [3X]
It's the sky
The limit is the sky
Ahhhhhhhh! Don't you be afraid!
The limit is the SKYYYYYYYYYY! [3X]
Go for it, go forth and try
The limit is, the sky
Good luck

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