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Mexican Seafood

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Interprete : NIRVANA

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Pop Rock

Texte :

Oh, it's your face, it isn't even
Till the jaw's in flames, it's entertaining
True, the fungus mold is my attraction
Oh, it's only a days-infection
Only hurts a night, until I pee
Only hurts a night, until I sleep
Oh, coming up, and diarrhea
On the tile floor, a gum of pizza
In the toilet bowl, aroma cloudy
Toss, feel it burn, become a chowdered mess

Only hurts a night, until I pee
Only hurts a night, until I sleep

Oh, take my bed, I've just consumed some
Flies. Bugs and fleas and even mucus
Stain the Vaseline, and tainted burgers
Stop, in case it learns, and takes a joke as such.

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