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Interprete : NO DOUBT

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Pop Rock

Texte :

You've been a juvenile
With a dolphin smile
With no elbow room
With your body in bloom
You've had your little backyard
Protected by big walls
You didn't dare look over
'Cause you've been too small
Now you're finally sixteen
And you're feeling old
But they won't believe
That you've got a soul

'Cause you're only sixteen
And you're feeling real
But you can't seem to cop a feel
Why do they have to force us
Through this metamorphose

Little butterfly
No matter how you try
You'll be segragated
You're gonna be closed off
You're callow and you're green

'Cause you're caught between
You're only sixteen
Try to cross the line
But your little wings are intertwined
You're only sixteen
And you're such a tease
And there's nothing you do

That can really please
"These children
They're not really bad most of them
They're just products
Of rotten neighborhoods
And bad family situations"

You know you can forsake it
So sit back and take it
You see you're not just ripe
So don't try and fight that
You're only sixteen

You wanna catch a peek
But they look at you
Like you're such a freak
Well, you're only sixteen
With a lot to say
But they won't give you
The time of day

You're only sixteen!
You're only sixteen!!
You're only sixteen!!!
You poor little thing

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