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Going Back To Cali

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Interprete : NOTORIOUS BIG

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap
Auteur : ??
Compositeur : ??
Année : 1999

Texte :

Verse 1
When the lala hits
The lyrics jus splits you
Head so hard that ya hat can't fit you
Either I'm with ya or against you
Form that bent you
Back thru the maze I sent you
Talkin to tha rap inventor
Nigga wit the game tight
Fit that flame right
Spell my name right
b i double g i e
Iced out lights out
Me and Cees a leaah
Gettin head from some chick he kno
See its all about the chedda
Nobody do it betta
Goin back tah cali
Strictly for tha weatha
Women, and the weed
Stinky green
No cees bitch please
Poppa ain't soft
Get up in the hood
Ain't no love lost
Got me mixed up
You drunk them lics up
Mad cuz i got my dick sucked
And my balls licked
The game is mine
I'ma spell my name one more time
Check it
Its the
You just
Lay down
Recognize a real don when you see juan
Sippin on booze in the house of blues
Chorus 4x
I'm going going...back Cali Cali
Verse 2
If I got choose a coast I got to choose the East
I live out there, so don't go there
But that don't mean a nigga can't rest in the West
See some nice breasts in the West
Smoke some nice cess in the West
Y'all niggaz is a mess
Thinkin i'm goin stop
Givin L.A. props
All I got is beef with those that violate me
I shall annihilate thee
Case closed
Suitcase filled with clothes
Linens and things
I begin things
People start to flash
818s, 213s, 313s
Frequently floss hoes at Rosco's
If I wanna sport her
Take her to Fatburger
Spend about a week on Venice Beach
Sippin Crisco
With some freaks from Frisco
Chorus 4x
Verse 3
Cali got gunplay
Models on the runway
Scream biggie biggie gimme one more chance
I be whippin on the freeway
The NYC way
On the celly-celly with mah homeboy lance
Pass hash from left to right
Only got 5 blunts left to light
I'm set tonight
Paid a visit to Versace stores
Lets see somethin till I aint got no more
Only in L.A.
Motherfuckin 'zelay
Rub it in they tummy
Lick it, say its yummy
Then fuck yo man
Fuck yo plans
Is it to rock tha tristate?
Almost gold
5 gz and showgate
Or do you wanna see about 7 digits
Fuckin hoes
Cali...great place to visit
Chorus 4x

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